Sacrifice (Happy Mothers Day)

by Don Valix X L. Lúzido



For the women that give everything they have and more for their children.
Love you mum. Happy Mothers day!


A million dollars don't amount to a mother's love /
I'm trying to be a man /
A man you can be proud of /
By your example, trying to live my life /
I owe it all to your sacrifice, i owe it all to you /

In 87, you flew away from where you grew up /
Your faith was tested, trying to make a better life for your sons /
Late nights cleaning up, noisy bars and pubs /
Then heading back home again to clean up after us /

I couldn't appreciate the risk you were taking when I was young /
Shifting places where the people couldn't speak your tongue /
The smile on your face could never break, even when times are low /
You never complained, you still remain the strongest woman I know /

3AM alarm ringing. Son dreaming in the next room, she began her commute /
She came home to a second shift of cleaning, laundry, cooking food while I’m still in school /
Naive to think that she was free from work cause she was done early to see me. /
Help me with my homework, play together, fall asleep while we're watching TV. /
Her childhood spent in different apartments. Grandma switching hoods if gangs were started. /
Took a while to have her own garden. Though, her aim was that I wouldn’t be a target. /
I used to get mad when she didn’t bring back my favorite snacks from the market. /
Till I saw her cutting coupons on the kitchen table and understood how she would bargain. /
Traded Estee Lauder perfume for the price of my seat in a nice classroom.
Grocery list full of on sale food through my youth. Bought a car that was used and her wardrobe reduced. /
In truth, she gave up a lot just to give me a home. /
Her last sacrifice once I'm grown; letting go of her son so he'd live on his own. /


released May 14, 2017
Written and Performed by Don Valix and L. Lúzido
Beat Produced by Don Valix



all rights reserved