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Collaborating with American rapper based in Seoul Korea on a project to talk about the pursuit of love; including all of the goods and bads about that journey. Soundcloud link: bit.ly/2lOxAbE


I got a clumsy track/ record for relationships/
stumbling from date to date/ with different girls debating if
comforting equals compatible? Each romance was humbling
Losing chances for/ self-love cause I prefer the com/pany

— Pops taught/ me dating earlier on/ in my life
Would help me learn the qual/ities that I’d want in a wife/
But I'm often curv/in high standards to fit her stature
Certain that such sacrifice is needed just to have her

I'm weak for sweet laughter/ and a good dancer
foolishly overlooking/ other traits that should matter
…..It's what happens/ when you're lost in the moment
to live life as/ a blur will cost you your focus

We could be moving fast/ I'll admit it if you say it
but these days we're not trained in the virtue of patience
We're taught to seize the moment or regret it later
Whoever catches a heart must've been the better chaser.

I'm just so clumsy, I just keep dropping my heart
Something's wrong with, I'm just a klutz
That keeps fallin' fallin'
Love's just too friendly, I trip and fall everytime
She's just too tempting, I'm just a klutz
That keeps fallin' in love

Verse 2
I try to take each/ of my relationships as lessons
— avoid treating a/ny of my exes as exits
Tried being mature/… like leaving isn't my preference
— So we maintain a friend/ship but my method ain't perfected

Not like I haven't pract/iced but what has been happenin'
I confuse closure for sa/tisfaction then rehash the pas/sion
dammit…./ cause that just makes things complicated/
Just broke up but now we’re dating/ Arguing an hour lat/er

Our emotions oscillat/in during heated conversa/tions
Take a break just concentrat/ing on lessons from observa/tions
I'm a product of divorce without courts thinking
the source is attempts to judge who deserves who more

For me love's undefined/ but I gave it names like E/linor
Each taste of love/ helped me create my metaphors/
Sweet talking like Ri/co Suave but inside I’m a klutz/
Steady tripping for these girls/ cause I haven’t learn enough/


I keep fallin', I keep fallin' in love...


released February 14, 2016
Written and Performed by Eric Lima and Don Angelo Valix
Produced by Flying Lotus



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