Filipino Foods (California Gurlz Parody)

by Don Valix ft Cristian Garcia

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This song coupled with the viral video release in October 2010, gained much popularity amongst the worldwide Filipino Community.

Katy Perry's song, California Gurls was an anthem for the women in the state with the same name. In the same way we sought to make the Filipino community proud of our culture through the unique customs and food we eat.

If you are Filipino, we hope that this makes you want to visit your mother country. If you are not, we hope that this song makes you appreciate the food and culture of the people of Philippines.

If anything, we just hope that this song makes you laugh.

Enjoy :)


I know a place where the foods is always better
Warm, wet and wild.
Ajinomoto in the water.
Sippin' coconut juice or drinking Coke from a plastic bag (uh huh)
When mama cooks, everybody tries to grab it (uh huh)

You could travel the world.
But nothing comes close to chicken adobo.
If you party with us
You'll be eating alot (whoa ah oh ah oh ah oh)

Filipino foods its unforgetable
Fresh lumpia and lechon baboy
Sinigang so hot
Careful dont touch the bowl (ow oh ow oh ow oh..)
Filipino foods it's undeniable
Fried fresh fish, camatis on top
Now who wants some more? Put your hands up! (ako ako ako..)

Eating pancit on the beach
Swimming gives me an appetite (mm gutom na ako, sige na!)
We ride the jeepney (sakay na.. sakay!)
Sing Katy Perry on the magic mic (I kissed a girl and i like it)

You could travel the world
But nothing comes close to eating halo halo
If you party with us you'll be eating alot (whoa uh oh uh oh uh oh)


Oh man, sh*t im ready
Cook some rice 'cause im really hungry
Wow wow, lets toast.
These are the foods I love the most
Buko pandan and leche flan on my halo-halo man (ang sarap naman!)
Boracay beach, kandong on jeep
So damn cheap (ang cheap!)
I'm ok and I dont pay for pinakbet, just like i love pancit (i love pancit)
Rice with kare-kare, bagoong and everything
Kanto boys hanging out, turon with the saging out
Malinis, I mean makinis the hot dogs from pure foods weenies
Katy my lady (yeah)
Gutom ka na baby? (uh huh!)
Eat some tocino
'Cause i only know how to cook Filipino


released October 4, 2010
Original song by Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg.



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